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Jim Brogan Basketball  Academy ..... Where Basketball is more than just a game .... Goals  .  Courage .  Attitude


     Jim Brogan has been dedicated to developing strong well-rounded youth on and off the court since 1985. Jim's teaching philosophy is to "show" kids how to do something, not "tell" them. Discipline is the key fundamental to Jim's program.
    This Academy is specifically designed to offer your child the individual attention deserved in learning the techniques and skills to become a better basketball player.  If you are looking for an academy that will treat your child like a pro, train them like a pro and build skills not only for basketball, but for life, then you are at the right place.

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Now you can maximize your potential! Jim Brogan’s 10 Steps To Success for Teens is loaded with great ideas, tips, techniques and practical advice to help your teen achieve their goals. This is your chance to help your children be successful in all areas of life!

Jim Brogan, beyond a doubt, is the best at teaching and communicating with young athletes.  His style is unique, proactive, intense and thoroughly professional.  He is very demanding, and excels in maximizing the potential of young players.

-Pete Babcock NBA Scout