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Jim Brogan Basketball Camp


 We celebrate over 25 years of building youth leaders into the best version of themselves possible!


Camp Philosophy

The Brogan Basketball Camp is designed to provide a challenging and educational basketball experience.  Each student athlete will be coached throughout the week with a staff recognized for their ability to teach basketball in an enthusiastic and safe way.


From Jim Brogan:

As a former NBA Player, I was exposed to a level of play some athletes can only dream of.   I only realized this dream through a great deal of hard work, determination, and a willingness not to give up.  I have taken what I learned at the NBA level and applied them to many areas of my life.  Playing against players such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar was a wonderful experience, but it was their ability to execute the fundamentals in a way that made them and the other players around them great.  What I teach and how I teach your son or daughter will effect them in other areas besides basketball as well as expose them to a level of teaching they may never have had the opportunity to experience.


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